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    Tang Long laughed, patted Timberland Boots hard shoulder, tell you the truth, I really have this idea. Brothers, let’s go back Qiecuoqiecuo. How could my brother opponent is still not over it. Timberland Boots how smart, with mirror-like mind, he knows that this third generation chief, and certainly has a great future sovereign inheritance relationship. His sovereign position for Haotian were never more than thought, just hope on its own was able to help the sect. Not to mention that he is more important to Renjieguizong indulgences for his father, not to feisty. Tanron face changed, serious road. Li Zhiquan scared a shiver, hastily. East Brother, you. Did not you just have to forgive me? Give me! Timberland UK Men two narrowed, but that does not block them naked, Li Zhi systemic child startled, almost did not lie on timberland boots uk that makes open, but thinking to myself, no wonder never seen before, like the original but is a silver wax tip, looks very well, but unfortunately no strength. Enter the door, there is a light and spacious first big yard, behind the stone building is tall, Tanron to Timberland Boots Road. Sect immediate children up and down four generations, add up to more than 200.

    We considered the third generation. Also occupy the largest number of people, almost a hundred people. Here is the front yard, so that everyone is generally a collection of sovereign when it is used to. Backyard bigger, that is where we practice. Sect focus on combat, three generations of each month, the children of the fourth generation combat exercise should be carried out under the supervision of the elders. So with strength ranking. Slightly smaller Yu- old laughed. Boss has been for several years we are the chief of the three generations. He is afraid of you came to grab his position, so before you face only to see ah!


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