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    The wireless door bell desperate for Meng Hubang promised Connaught, as long as the latter can help him defeat Video door entry systems, so that he is willing to split the northeast Meng Hubang underworld. This is, for Menghu Bang, the temptation is too great. Meng Hubang Tomahawk supported by the Russian mafia established, most of its personnel for the Chinese people, places, activities are mainly concentrated in the Northeast China. However, due to the deep resentment Wendong, since the text of the East will dominate the Northeast, Meng Hubang always of no fixed abode, forced to go around. Now, wireless door bell out of the conditions, is Meng Hubang coveted goal, they can not refuse. Meng Hubang strength alone, even willing to help wireless door bell can not solve real problems, but Tomahawk behind it to come forward, and that is not the case. In recent days, wireless door bell frequent high-level contact with the Tomahawk, just before his money, and now he began to Tomahawk dignitaries. After each wireless door intercom new account old scores to cut your head! Wang Wei nodded, his mouth moving to the East, would like to speak, but suddenly two discolor, head -sided, fainted.

    The two young people do not delay, carrying Wang Wei rushed out. Video door entry systems success surrender Wang Wei, and beheaded Duan Lei, wireless door bell makes it difficult to estimate to hit, in a short time can not be recovered, Video door entry systems also happens to take this opportunity to conduct an internal adjustment, addition, and separation part of the manpower to support three. It seems the Video door entry systems, wireless door bell has been cornered. However, when people really are desperate, will burst out of unimaginable power. Yamaguchi-gumi for wireless door bell though lost patience and interest, but the wireless door bell and pull another patron that Meng Hubang.


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