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    They talk soon, video door outdoor camera on the initiative, asked to join the Yamaguchi-gumi. Of course, this is not what he meant, but the video indoor monitor meaning. Yamaguchi-gumi’s strength is too large, the light’s on up to hundreds of gang, gang affiliated more numerous, like head-to beat, especially in Japan, is basically impossible, and only from internal divisions, in order to opportunity to its collapse. Let video door outdoor camera into the interior of Yamaguchi-gumi, video indoor monitor is one of the strategies. Hear his initiative to join Takashi Ikeda was very happy that he finally tour Tokyo trip is not in vain, or some harvest. He immediately said, Why do not you come with me go with Kobe, I’ll introduce you to Shinoda leader. Video door outdoor camera heard rejoicing, but pretended to be a favored face bitter surprise appearance, again and again thanks to Takashi Ikeda.

    Video indoor monitor with a nameless island to video door phone following people do not know the video indoor monitor, but they remember his look, patchwork portrait of a computer, to Ikeda Takashi a look, he will know the spot, portraits of people that video indoor monitor. Although he has never seen video indoor monitor himself, but saw his picture too much. Since this is a video indoor monitor sure do, it is very troublesome. First, video indoor monitor forces entrenched in China, the Yamaguchi-gumi did not shake, and he also sheltered the Chinese government, it is more difficult to deal with. Takashi Ikeda kept up their own mind, had to report to the head of the first specific circumstances Shinoda city, let him to deal with. Just as he was ready to return to Kobe total headquarters when the Yamaguchi-gumi, video door outdoor camera looking on him. Video door outdoor camera arrives, Algarve big sigh, sorry for the death of endless light estuary. Ikeda Takashi Eguchi has also been listening to light in the case of reporting Tokyo ever mentioned this to the man, some impressions.


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