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    Timberland boots mens UK are window, he end up the gun, adjustable the alignment mirror, everything in place. At this time, he took out his phone call, Timberland cell phone. The east elder brother, my side is ready for out! After listening to Timberland, narrowed eye smiled from his pocket, and took out headphones, a head of inserted in the mobile phone, a head on the ear, no hang up the phone, mobile phone chuai in her arms. He make a snap to the word. Go downstairs! His voice did not fall, the room rang in timberland boots sale a piece of click click guns like voice.

    RenChangFeng slowly with a handkerchief to wipe tang dao, sneer at a way. I’d like to see, this can’t help what is desperately guy! Timberland, take the elevator to the first floor just, LiuBo voice in the headset rings. The east elder brother, the back door has eight suspicious man, five left, three right! Timberland walking in the front of the crowd, the face always smile, to lift up the head, hands, feet behind a reasonably solemn measured steps, or so with more than ten number, it looks as if the leadership of similar.

    But his young face how to see all don’t like leadership. He carry timberland a hand is his intention. After hearing LiuBo words, he north behind you right hand opened her palm, then to the left direction pointed to the, then stretched out three finger, to the right pointed to the.

    They follow behind him, see clearly, RenChangFeng hey hey a smile, the body naturally move to the left direction. Only see don’t understand the meaning of Timberland hit gesture, but he is also available, and, behold, all didn’t speak, tense, with the devastation of the gas, he asked in a low voice ChuBo way. The east elder brother hand gesture is what mean? What you mean? What meaning didn’t you interesting! ChuBo a stick in cheap timberland boots.


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