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    December 14, 2012 kieowhtrighjb 0

    Timberland boots are the best national in the underworld earthquake, not only such, fish in troubled waters are arise, raise the devil, social crime rate rise very. The situation, is no longer a man can control, even if the police have not feeling, soon, the Mafia reign and social unrest stirred the top, when the central send special correspondent, want to help local radical social cancer timberland that behind the two gangs strength, have already entrenched, far beyond their imagination.

    The more deadly of all, in the two big gang primary characters and the central high in this or that kind of correlation, true if you find it, it is bound to be involved in the central leadership, special courage again big, understand it and timberland italia then can’t continue to track down, only around to supervise the police to two big gang TangKou points as well as participation in one of the small tong to punish, of course, that take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, frankly speaking, is also much cry and little wool. Timberland want to see, it is the result.

    No matter hong door is green, the influence is not extended to the northeast, so no matter how much they dozen disorderly, and east would have no mens timberland boots direct relation. The backbone of the text will be an in the fun, but also in succession to Timberland call, ask his meaning, don’t support hong door. Timberland answer very simply, only simple two words. Don’t. It is a month in the past, the mainland Mafia chaos remains, and auspicious LeDao or as usual calm. LeDao training to achish the new batch has timberland uomo.


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