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    November 1, 2012 kieowhtrighjb 0

    Timberland boots for the soul, the soul, Pope Pope above soul division, is unable to get any subsidy from the eternal house. You each month to eternal house to get subsidies, will have the soul force test it. That is in determining whether you soul force more than forty level, once more than 40 level, subsidies will stop immediately issue.

    This time even Timberland also can not help but wonder, why should that be? Soul division strength is higher, normally the more value to it. Timberland wholesale cheap way. but, this wholesale shoes should proceed from reality. The soul division although is a noble profession, true soul division and low quantity. But it is still not a small groups. You should also calculated, if according to the proportion of timberland boots subsidies to extend, the holy soul level, a month get subsidies from the ten soul currency, a year is one hundred and twenty gold soul money.

    It’s a huge Numbers? How are needless to say somewhere else, if according to our college teachers strength to get subsidies, if empire full issue of words, we college teachers income, a year will be able to catch up with Timberland boots men one over ten of the national income.

    That’s how huge Numbers? And in the entire empire, high grade soul teacher timberland italia quantity is less, but according to this issue subsidies also is enough to drag the whole empire. Therefore, the empire regulation, allowance just encourage and help lower level of uniting the soul trainers, in order to enhance its ability as soon as possible. But in the above the level of forty, it is quite powerful soul division, can choose to cheap timberland boots.


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