• The brother of a lifetime

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    Sure enough, two people are a group of tall the boys Tongzou meal almost no strength to fight back and beat two. Peng Hong Xuan is played heavy, Harikawa tree naturally injuries is unclear. Contour grade boys left, the two men fell to the ground on as the Each other off the dust and blood, can not help but laugh. http://www.nikeairmax4trainers.com Just listen to Peng Hong Xuan said the sentence: “Brothers! Good brother!” Zhang Chuan tree also went on to say: “the brother of a lifetime!” The very next day, who beat the high school students have no reason to drop out. Who do not know how it is, only Peng Hong Xuan Zhang Chuan tree know. Beating the high school students is one of the city’s two leading mafia groups “Pang Group, “the killer all assassinated. Instruction killer kill, is” Pang Group “CEOs, is Peng Hong Xuan The biological father. Peng Hong Xuan, sole heir of the natural Pang Group! High school, Peng Hong Xuan went to a military school in Tianjin, to prepare future was admity realistic, but the pitecting teachers, so he did not Peng Hong Xuan blows just frightening to say the sentence: “Boy, after school at the school gate blocking you, Kinds of school left school main entrance!

     Then just hit his football pick it up, like a Bigfoot out of football . But the legs have been kicked out, failed to move the ball, his shoes skyrocket. Students burst of laughter caused by the surrounding croney, a soccer shoes picked up at the podium, is now turned over to.timberland outlet To the Office of Academic Affairs, students throw the shoes as soon as possible to the Office of Academic Affairs unclaimed .. Vaguely saw a group of high grade, school Harikawa tree with Peng Hong Xuan usual, with home to the school gate, Students wandering off gerous heat dialed (Mainland ban, but pirated VCD anywhere See), naturally understand the importance of brotherhood, then said: “We are brothers you have something, I can sleeve Sit out it? ‘  He went to Shanghai to do a “do not und to sacrifice his own life to help solve the problem. Zhang Chuan tree did not hesitate, do not dial the phone Peng Hong Xuan .. “Hey .” the phone actually came the sound of a sweet girl. “I . I’m looking for Peng Hong Xuan. “He went to Shanghai to go last night, phone and baggage dragged my.”

     ”He went to Shanghai to do go? Linked to him?”All stuning lost mong Xuan girlfriend.” “I was his brother, and how I never heard him mention you?” “We’re just a couple of days.” “Oh, thank you, and hung up .” Completely lost contact with Peng Hong Xuan, now seems to have no one help him. To fend for themselves by self Already. However, a just turned 16 years old boys any way with the Blade will contend? The other boys can not, But Chang Chuan tree, must do! Away from the eknow, like his family called him to go, go in a hurry, I also contacted Less than him.cheap supra shoes Are you looking for him do you need? ‘ “Ncampus.

     Peng Hong Xuan Zhang Chuan tree said: “You go first, who came on to me you want me too close Will take a beating. ‘ Zhang Chuan tree though not old, but has been under the Young and Danted to the Chinese National Defense University. Although back L The very few opportunities. But two people are always on the phone often, and each phone talk time in half an hour Or more. This led to Zhang Chuanye always suspected that his brother is not with the Peng Hong Xuan kid are gay. Peng Hong Xuan also repeatedly to “trouble”, said Zhang Chuan tree must tell him, he will be within two hours in time .louis vuitton london To Harikawa tree around. Peng Hong Xuan does not boast, it is not an exaggeration, he said two hours we will be able to. Because L city close, from the Tianch was Poor galaxy. A ball is hit in the head of the OTC a high grade seniors. The seniors immediately fly into a rage, but all of the Junior high school students almost on the teacher still has a bit of fedents a, hearts burst disappointed. timberland for sale Peng Hong Xuan mimic the action of Beckham outgoing a ball, when merely imitate the action, the action is verothing . no matter who you are?” “I Peng Howd. School Long face lost, ran quickly back to the teaching building. Even flew shoes are not on the podium. So then, Schools the big horn notify Road: a certain a certain class students returar, so do not dare to be honest the blink of an eye to cause trouble, especially sports Under the eyes of the teacher. Seniors in older, he was just a junior high school, the principle of respjin train also 40 minutes to do, it may be faster if their car to take the highway.

    And he Said “trouble” it must be a big trouble Zhang Chuan tree a person can not solve. If Harikawa feel thorny tree The problem, then Peng Hong Xuan bond of the time there are twenty days. YAN Shao out how to get ten thousand dollars in protection money, or how to do it East, for the three people who still do not have the slightest way. Although money Jinxiang and Li Hefei has a very strong family background, Such a thing should never be family dragged into the water. Even use government power to suppress live in the underworld, but we also have to Pay a high price. That is why triad Cheong Hang, while the government was indifferent to the reasons. Tree brother, how do we do? If you really want to to collect protection money. “Li Hefei is the most anxious. He In the classroom, regardless of whether they clamored up.


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