• Xu Su Leng Leng sit there and froze

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    The next day the two schools brawl spread, an A school year under an X school Xu Su. Mo Mo for Xu Su to change bandages, “Why do this?” Mo Mo do not know what to say, rhetorical. Xu Su front of Mo Mo bitter smile, “because I like you.” The small Mo Mo is not do not know, a long time ago, Xu Su, like yourself, has been like, silently like. “But I like nike 90 Gu years.” “I know, so this is the only thing I can do.” Mo small silent heart throbbing burst, the because Xu Soviet Union. “I know you like him, but at least I can not wait now, just wait the future.” Mo Mo saw Xu Su eyes of that firm, very badly. “You are silly eh know do not know ah!” Xu Su stunned for a while, then a brilliant smile to rub the hair of small Mo Mo. Mo Mo nike air 90 suddenly Zhengzhu away Xu Su’s hand, “In the future refrain from doing this action.”

     Turned to leave. Xu Su Leng Leng sit there and froze the hand clenched fist in the air. As for later, like what did not happen. Mo Mo is still Mo Mo, Xu Su always and Mo silent in her round, and Gu, already turn to the H City wellknown colleges and universities. Fine, clear, a few days remaining in that winter, the year under Mo Mo, just a the wrong station passersby, http://www.northface2outlet.org like greetings, and had a smile, but in the small Mo Mo the beginning of the wound gradually healed, it has become a thing of the past. Mo Mo like Xu Su, just her own are not yet aware, will gradually make up the heart that vacancy Xu Su, how could she not understand Xu Su has always been like that called Mo Mo, he and his fraternizing with girls is their own. Only her face again the feelings of retreat, Xu Su also understand, so they maintained the proper distance. She is north face sale like him, Xu Su, no doubt, but she could not afford to start again.  Then later, a chance encounter, MO small silent met Ming Yang. Then you know the facts. That day, the joke behind the scenes, Ji Xiaowei spread out.

    Before her in order to blackmail the year under is the Mo Mo saw that scene. In fact, the year under is really like Mo Mo never said to love, but first felt this feeling so true, Gu Mo Mo has a no name like love, do not know how to say, do not know how to maintain it. Gu years after, because the relationship of the father hastily go to H City, a farewell too late. “Bet, but excuse it, the year under him …… never how express …” The small Mo Mo surprisingly calm, and said a thank you, turned away.

    This is not is missed, when two people against the fog, or end up hurting hearts. Day over a very long time heard from since the Gu years suddenly appeared in front of Mo small silent. Not much to say, the year under the handle on the small Mo Mo head, gently rubbed, “Can you give me another chance, this time I will not then release you.” Mo silent moment burst into tears, not because of the Gu said the words, but this action is to emerge out of her mind the figure of Xu Su, caught off guard.

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