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    Some leaves are still struggling in the cold and the ground friction sound hoarse, and can not retain why force it ultimately still into the mud soil, of a new generation of life has been not remember the gestation.

    Looked up, louis vuitton london towering branches, quivering Shenzhe gray day split apart. Mo Mo back to school the day they heard the year under Ji Xiaowei and her things. The heart, like a newly razor barbed wounds not yet healed, and once again under one of the more difficult to support pain. Gu years never liked Mo Mo. Initially, Gu Mo Mo confession because of a joke bet. The jest Ming Yang, and he told care as long as the exchanges and a girl more than three months, he would help him win the end of the year degree award. An award louis vuitton sale does not matter to care but as a challenge to the book and then down. Adhere to three months, the year under selected Mo Mo, who have no way of knowing why. Has more than three months can win this bet, the year under natural thing about this bet, however, no one mentioned it, like does not exist in this transaction. A joke, the year under so easily and Mo Mo contacts, three months of care took her to sacrifice the time, do not joke.

    Mo silent http://www.nike4sbshoes.com bowed his head, selfdeprecating laugh, the beginning is a mistake, is not it? The beginning some people angry for small Mo Mo Mo Mo just laughed, a buzz, she returned to that corner of their own, a resentment. Later, silent, suddenly school was surprisingly calm, everything is back to normal. And then nothing. Seems to have been but did not get really lost Shique pain hopeless. Holidays nike sb shoes Xu Su called Mo Mo go to the beach. The sea breeze with the slightest wisps of salty, Xu Su slightly trembling Mo silent in my arms.

    Arms Mo small silent, still in tears, sorry no sound. Xu Su, Gu never did not like me. “Mo Thomas said this sentence has no tears, calm look Xu Su a bit nervous.

     ”But you like him you.” Mo Mo did not speak. “End of the World where no grass.” “Try to forget it.” Xu Su spoke very light voice. Xu Su accompany Mo Mo to tea workshop, point two cups of tea, Mo Mo has been silent, until you drink a matcha tea, Wadiyisheng cry out. She spent an entire week to try to forget, no one thought it so hard, why forget the 1000 English words are so easy to forget a hurt their own people than be prohibitively difficult, is not all romance goes through a period of the process of selfflagellation. Xu Su aware of what would like to take away cups of tea, Mo Mo was dedicated to gulp, but now I know, not to forget, but has to bear in mind, just as she thought I could get rid of the dependence of the taste. actually she does not. Xu Su a sip of tea, can no longer swallow. cheap nike air max

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